Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

Project Description

The client needed to adapt an existing automotive “scan tool” to serve as an intelligent front end for a new client-server based diagnostic system. The scan tool is a 68332-based test instrument. It communicates with microprocessor-based controllers in a car or truck, and reports diagnostic information either to a built-in screen or via GPIB interface to a Windows client PC.

Skills Required

The adaptation involved redesigning the existing software on an event-driven model, migrating from C to C++ language, tuning the application to the available hardware and memory, and integrating the scan tool into a larger diagnostic system. In addition, several utilities were written to automate the application build and release processes. Other project-related tasks included implementing source code version control and testing on a wide variety of vehicles.

Services Used

  • Design, coding and debugging of C++ applications
  • Implementation of controlled build and release procedures
  • Ongoing build, test and release activities
  • Documenting software and test procedures
  • Documenting procedures for ISO 9002 compliance

Project Size

Embedded Systems has supplied one engineer working in a large team for the last twenty seven months. Twelve to fifteen months more development is expected.


“Big Three” automobile manufacturer