Blood Pressure Monitoring Application

Project Description 

The Project includes the hardware and software development necessary to upgrade an existing product line. Various areas of development are involved. Windows based programs are used to download/upload information for the blood pressure monitoring unit. This unit contains application specific software residing on a Texas Instruments TMS320C DSP microprocessor. The microprocessor is interfaced to blood pressure sensors residing with the patient. Since the project was short term (approximately two months), a particular challenge was to get “up to speed” as soon as possible.

Skill Required

  • Proficiency in Visual C++ for development of Windows based applications
  • Proficiency in “C” for microprocessor applications, “Brief” and TI “Tiger” emulator operation
  • Familiarity with embedded/real-time application development as well as communications
  • Ability to understand schematics and blueprints
  • Good organizational and interpersonal communication skills
  • System architecture
  • Software development methodology

Services Used

  • C, Visual C++, Brief, emulator
  • Design, development, testing and documentation

Project Size

Short term project of about 2 ½ months.


Medical Device Manufacturer