Upgrades to Refrigeration Temperature Controller

Project Description

The Project included the hardware and software development necessary to upgrade an existing product line. The project involved redesigning the hardware in such a manner as to give the product flash programming capability for the sake of field software upgrades, bank switching for larger program area, increased nonvolatile memory area, increased I/O, and increased analog to digital conversion inputs.

Skills Required

The hardware side of the project was performed in a turnkey manner. The customer provided the specifications and the schematics of the existing unit and Embedded Systems provided the services necessary to produce hardware within four months. The skills required included project management, electrical engineering, schematic capture(ORCAD), printed circuit design (CALAY CADCAM) and the production engineering necessary to make a smooth transition into production. Because of the different nature of the software development and the proprietary knowledge involved, the software was done on-site in the customer’s facility. The skills involved were PL/M programming, assembly language, and software engineers with a good working knowledge of the hardware.

Services Used

  • Turnkey hardware development
  • Electrical engineering
  • CAD, CAM and production coordination
  • Software development programming in PL/M 51 and 8051 assembly language

Project Size

Embedded Systems  provided the customer with a five man team for eighteen months.


A transportation refrigeration company